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Cedrus Sauna / $40 per person


Cedrus is not only a beautiful and convenient luxury item, but its best feature is its one-of-a-kind heaters. Cedrus uses an energy efficient heat source called infrared. Cedrus’ infrared is a miracle heat to have in a sauna. Infrared heat is the same type of radiant heat you feel from the sun. Scientists discovered that infrared heat has therapeutic and regenerative effects on the body. Physical therapists have used it for years to treat muscle injuries.

Hospitals have used it to warm newborns, and astronauts in space. In order to really reap the benefits in a sauna, infrared heat needs to be tuned to a specific wavelength where the human body absorbs it best. Infrared can be turned to different wavelengths as can all heat. In order for your body to be able to absorb this heat, Cedrus’ heaters are set at a specific wavelength that is known as far infrared, and to be more specific, at the 6 micron level.

Scientists have discovered that water absorbs heat best at the 6 micron level (at almost 2 inch depth), and since your body is made up of mostly water, this is why you absorb the heat from Cedrus’ heaters.

How Cedrus arrives at the wavelength is simple, in order to get that wavelength, the heaters have to be at a low temperature (300 degrees). This is determined by a formula called “Wein’s law”, which basically states the lower the temperature, the higher the micron level. What makes Cedrus so special is that in order for you to sweat in a sauna at this low temperature, you need to produce a lot of this low temperature or far infrared heat with intense emissive power. That is what makes Cedrus like no other.

Only Cedrus can really make you sweat with this type of heat because they have the largest far infrared heaters available. These heaters are 27 inches tall by 9 inches wide and there are several of them in each sauna. These extra wide heaters can really be felt by the body as deep penetrating far infrared heat. And what is really wonderful is that the sauna doesn’t get stuffy! Infrared heat is direct heat, which means it will heat up your body directly instead of heating the air.


Our Heavenly Hair stylists are also experts in hair removal.

They are the best at what they do and since waxing is a part of Looking and Feeling Great we want to take you to a place of rich indulgence with GiGi Chocolate wax when performing facial waxing services.

GiGi Milk Chocolate Creme Wax features

A gentle, sensitive formula with a creamy consistency. Formulated with Cocoa Seed Extract that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, great for sensitive skin.

The luscious chocolate aroma creates an aromatic waxing experience. Smells divine!!

Chocolate is anti-inflammatory Cocoa flavonoids that relax the blood vessels

Inhibits enzymes that cause inflammation Formulated with antioxidants to block free radicals

Luscious chocolate aroma Facial Waxing